About Albetros

Albetros is a cryptocurrency initiative that will lead you to trade your digital asset. It's a sister-concern from the same team developed Rubideum Coin and Exchange with a prime aim to promote rubideum exchange worldwide. It offers you a simple and powerful interface with deposit & withdrawals options so you can be a part of world-conquering digital coins. ARS’s referral program is quite standard when it comes to cryptocurrency wallets. If user register and complete you’re KYC in the wallet you should get 1000ARS, when a new user register through your referral link to albetros, you will receive 500ARS. The referral program has no limit in terms of how many users can join through your referral link. You can own ARS coins through the "albetros.com” signup and referral reward program, you can be one of the earlier holders of the coin. The first step is verifying your account to set up a trust is to involve you in helping us build ARS strong. We want to reward you for joining in early and being part of the ARS. Our mission is to put the future in the pockets of the albetros. Now the albetros act a coin referral reward program. And ensuring that in a short period the coin gets listed in Rubideum exchange for trading. Albetros developing a social platform for the clients with a crypto-related feature-rich application which is under development. And let's wait for the world's first cryptocurrency-related social media. Providing client support with features like Embedded exchange, crypto news hub, Secure wallet, Casino-bet games, and lots more. And be prepared for the ultimate digital experience.

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Name Of The Coin: Albetros

Supply Of The Coin: 100000000000(10,000Cr)

Symbol Of The Coin: ARS

Decimal Point: 18